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Drag Racer Series   Posted Wed Aug 3, 05   5:54 AM     

I think it would be cool if Drag Racer 2 and/or 3 were on this site

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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Wed Aug 3, 05   5:43 PM     

Yeah. I agree, and upgraded version, with newer cars, like the Mustang 2005 GT-R, Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006, and others.

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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Fri Aug 26, 05   1:19 AM     

i highly dought that they woud put those up. beside the interior of the eclipse and motor is nice other then that there ugly as hell

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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Mon Aug 29, 05   7:24 PM     

Copyright issues keeps certain games from being uploaded.

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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Wed Aug 31, 05   6:21 PM     

I guess, but if what they do what Rockstar does, they should be pretty clear, copying the car then modifying it a little bit.

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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Wed Aug 31, 05   7:09 PM     

I think he might have been referring to the drag racer series not being linked or posted on this site.

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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Fri Sep 2, 05   9:09 PM     

Ah ok, mis understood what he meant by that.


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Re: Drag Racer Series   Posted Tue Nov 29, 05   5:17 PM     

well mabe the owner of the site could hook up with the creater of drag racer series, and talk out sum numbers lol....

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