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Need help   Posted Fri Aug 23, 02   4:39 PM     

Hey everyone i'm 13.I don't know anything about cars but I like watching some street racing at night with my older cousin(who races).Well anyways I live in Montréal in Canada and most of the racers have Jettas,Civics or Integras.Well what I wanted to ask was what are ricers?I hear a lot of people saying that about others but I can't find out what it means. Thanks

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Re: Need help   Posted Fri Aug 23, 02   6:32 PM     

Ricers, they are basically people that buy, or have their parents buy for that matter, and fix up imports, like from japan (hondas/acuras/toyotas etc). There are european imports also (vw/ audi/ bmw etc) . We muscle car or domestic people call them ricers, because most of them just go for looks and not performance, and most of us have seen the posers, acting like they "have the shit" , but in reality their cars are really slow. Around in so-cal, theres alot of "ricers". And plenty of us muscle car enthusiasts cant stand them. But there are alot of fast imports out there too. Hope this helps your understanding of what they are.

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Re: Need help   Posted Fri Aug 23, 02   6:53 PM

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- CHEVY dodge ford thats just the way it works
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Re: Need help   Posted Fri Aug 23, 02   7:20 PM     

Thanks guys for your help!
So now that I know what they are makes me mad that i'm living in a city full of riceboys!


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Re: Need help   Posted Sat Aug 24, 02   6:39 PM     

Hey !! I am originally from Montreal. Born in Verdun and lived in LaSalle. Don't say the town is full of ricers. Montreal has H.A., tons of muscle, THE best strippers in the world, THE best hockey team in the world and some seriously fast streetable autos. A few dozen goofy monkeys driving wannabe quick cars shouldn't categorize a kick ass city like Montreal as a ricer haven.

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Re: Need help   Posted Mon Aug 26, 02   11:07 AM     

yeah ain't that the town that f1 built?


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