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Gemz, Want to Race?   Posted Mon Jul 1, 02   1:25 PM     

hey Gemz,

I noticed you were from sacramento. how long are you going to be in town before your folks force you to move?

If you want a run one of these days, let me know. The car will be done this week. Maybe we could meet up at a test and tune night at the track. I don't like going on wednesday nights...too much standing around, not enough driving. Or we could meet on sunrise and do a light to light. Either way, bring the fast car.

Cameron Park

'64 El Camino w/ 383 Stroker; '75 BMW 3.0 CS w/ 3.2l Stroker; '78 IH Scout TBI/MSD 345 V8; '85 Jag XJS w/ 327 Dual Quad & Camelbacks; '96 Dodge Ram 4" Drop, 20's, Purdy...