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NewB to Desert   Posted Thu Jun 20, 02   6:31 PM     

Hey all, I am moving to the Palm Desert area within the next few weeks. I am from San Diego so it ain't much of a drive. I was just curious as to where the hang outs for some of the imports are, it's a lame ques. I know, but I am just curious. By the way, I drive a 95 240SX with an SR20DET blacktop swap. Thanx, just PM me with any answers I guess, cant really talk about it on here. thnx. Jon

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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Fri Jun 21, 02   9:21 AM has a lot of the local import guys

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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Sat Jun 22, 02   12:52 AM     

do you race for money?

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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Sat Jun 22, 02   3:15 PM     

I read something in Sport Compact Car magazine about the SR20DET blacktop motor being transplanted into the mid 90's 240SX cars. I bet that makes quite a bit of power, for what it is. Is it turbo or non turbo? Sounds like you have a lot of work done, it would be nice to have new people rolling out, because we all get sick of the same old shit, like Hondas with 5"tips lowered on stock wheels, and gutted yellow Neons, we need some new stuff out here.


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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Sun Jun 23, 02   12:44 AM     

yea also to many dam spectators that wish they had a car to race out here so they gota hate

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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Mon Jun 24, 02   9:49 PM     

I got somethin now, and like I said, I will see you and your piece of shit Mopar in Sept/Oct.


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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Fri Jul 12, 02   1:30 AM     

lol ouuuuuu the 302 hahaha fuckin lame

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Re: NewB to Desert   Posted Sat Jul 13, 02   8:51 PM     

Mmmm nice motor.. How about the new motor in the SE-Rs? I wonder how swappable that is..