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Parts advice plz.   Posted Wed Oct 12, 05   10:07 PM     

Sup ppl. I just got me a '92 Talon TSI AWD and its got some bolt on's but im lookin to add some more power in it, im thinkin some engine internar work like cams,heads, or just bore and stroke the thing. I got about 2gs to spend on this. Any advice would help.

Street racing is vary bad. But I got a fast car though :-).

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Re: Parts advice plz.   Posted Thu Oct 13, 05   1:27 AM     

You have a few cheap options. You can buy a manual boost controller and a downpipe for pretty cheap, or you can look into buying a turbo upgrade for about all you have to spend. I would personally go with a T67 or a 20G because the sky is the limit in terms of horsepower with those because they are so big, the only thing that would be holding you back is your bottom end. If you go the upgrade route, I suggest getting lower compression forged pistons, forged rods, (sleeving if you want to be extra careful, but its turbo already so its up to you) a higher volume fuel pump, larger injectors, and a block girdle.

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