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socal meet   Posted Wed Nov 3, 04   8:29 AM     

hey whats up im new on this site and i was wondering if anyone in socal wanted to have a meet let me know

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Re: socal meet   Posted Fri Dec 17, 04   12:23 PM     

hey homey you from cali right

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Re: socal meet   Posted Fri Jan 21, 05   11:37 AM     

yep southern cali are u


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Re: socal meet   Posted Wed Mar 16, 05   1:17 PM     

sup ppl

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Re: socal meet   Posted Sun May 1, 05   6:30 PM     

hey bro what part of cali? san diego county area? im origionally from oceanside, if your from that area or sumthin maybe next time im in california, (i live in texas now) we can hit the streets or something. got an instant messanger?

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Re: socal meet   Posted Mon May 9, 05   4:55 PM     

Some of my friends from Nevada are comin into SoCal so we could hang out, so maybe all of us can cruise.