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PIGS   Posted Wed Sep 1, 04   6:25 PM     

i read an article about this guy being pulled over for his exhaust being too loud. the gay thing was is that his exhaust passed smog emisions and also passed on how loud the db could be. whats gay is that he has to take time out of his life just to go to court to prove the cop wrong. i feel sorry for this guy having to go through this. Isnt it weird how alot of vetts, camaros, choppers espicially are sometimes or better yet more louder than our imports. i have yet to see a chopper or motorcycle in general get pulled over. if im overlooking something tell me so i wont be an ignorant ass. if you agree then?


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Re: PIGS   Posted Wed Sep 1, 04   8:42 PM     

most people over the age of 30 dont like ricers in there neighborhood so they complain to the cops, the cops pull shit like that because they dont want you guys on there road, and they will annoy the fuck out of you untill you earther move away or get a different car, and you cant do a god dam thing about it, the only good thing is you can always beat them in court, after awile you get tired of fighting them

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Re: PIGS   Posted Fri Sep 3, 04   6:48 PM     

LIke Sweetneon said, there is a definite descrimination against the socalled tuner crowd. It doesn't help that a lot of ricers drive like, well, ricers, just being complete ass holes, speeding through neighborhoods, pissing people off and doing stupid shit. This stereotype arises and all of us with loud exhausts and compact cars get to suffer for it. Personal example, I got caught speeding (well, excelleratin hard) on a street late at night in an industrial area by a police officer. He had no radar or laser, but estimated my speed at like 60, wrote down 55 in a 40 and then gave me a ticket for modded exhaust. Mind you, this was a TRD, 50 state legal exhaust on a MKIV Supra TT, not some cheesy weld-on revolution on a beat up econobox. If the cop hadn't been cool about knocking down the speed or had given me an exhibition ticket or reckless driving, then I would have fought it, but, as it stood, I just had to suck it up and pay the additional fine (I wasn't going to remove the exhaust and deal with whoever would certify it). Thats just life, and it goes to show that people can get grouped together. Well, maybe it wasn't a perfect example, but my typing could use some practice. Josh

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Re: PIGS   Posted Thu Sep 16, 04   6:31 AM     

back in the day when my dad was racing he had a 32 hiboy no exhaust and he was never polled over but when we were in the 300ZX no exhaust they polled us over I pigs just hate imports. thats profiling and thats wrong

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Re: PIGS   Posted Thu Sep 16, 04   3:24 PM     

You are going to have to deal with cops if you want to have a modified car, simple as that. Its not descrimination, its just that the majority of accidents are from unsafe riced up cars. The cops are just public servants doing their job. If you have a look at the imports as aposed to domestic, you will see the older done up car (Which mind you are made of steel or strengthened aluminum) will survive a crash better then the light weight Aluminum composite shells that newer cars have today (Cheaper to produce)
Thats why the coppers pick on ricers and imports.

If you have done the work and done it properly the police will not give you shit but will pull you over and ask about your car (My own Experience)


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Re: PIGS   Posted Mon Sep 20, 04   8:27 AM     

Yea it's pretty bad when I cant even pull into my own drive way with out getting the cops called on me. It was about 1:30am heading home and I was backing into my drive way which is up a little hill and I park in between my house and my neighbors house. well when Im backing in my exaust is kind of loud b/c it echoes off the houses. Well leave it to my 63 year old neighbor to call the sheriffs on me. they came about 2:15am made me come out of my house start my car checked my db (witch EASILY passed) and then the officer had the nerve to tell me that I might want to invest into a different exaust system (I swear I didnt laugh at him). then the same guy gave me a $195 ticket 2 weeks later for speeding (50 in a 30), no seat bealt, and illegal lighting lamps. But the ticket is my dumb ass fault.


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Re: PIGS   Posted Mon Sep 20, 04   5:10 PM     

lol well yeah.

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Re: PIGS   Posted Tue Oct 12, 04   6:23 PM     

omfg getr a damn life find out more on local laws before you post something retarded like that most laws state anything louder then what came from the factoy is deemed illegal and for a good reason because of you damn ricers if ur gunna hook up ur pos use it on the track and the track only no one wants to see or hear your pos screaming down the road at 5mph
if u notice u only see or rather hear engines with real motors when they really get on the gas and i dont know where u come from but all the elderly non-immature drivers that have hot-rods and choppers dont do stupid shit with them ive probably seen a couple muscle cars around me really get on the gas maybe like twice on public streets and that was because they crushed some little ricer other then that i only see ricers and imports revving the crap out of their engines and flying through residential areas where kids are playin i know this doesnt go for all of you but generally speaking ricers are immature attention deprived kids lookin to piss someone off
keep callin em pigs too asshole my dads a cop and i one day your gonna need them and i hope they call you a ricer and walk away im personally a firefighter and someone mentioned earlier that muscle cars are built heavier/stronger hes completely right ive seen too many car accidents where the person shouldve walked away but instead was dragged out either in pieces or in a body bag its funny cause you guys really have no clue just how easily those cars can kill you yea there are risks in everything you do but you guys out other peoples lives at risk too

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Re: PIGS   Posted Wed Oct 13, 04   6:10 AM     

yo man chill...u needa just get out and do something beside bullshit at ppl on here.


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Re: PIGS   Posted Wed Oct 13, 04   1:28 PM     

lol..yo man i aint disrespecting ur dad in no way. i got nothing but respect for everyone in here, yeah i might get mad on here but i dont start to disrespect them. cause they dont know who i am and i dont know who all they are. and yes i just might need the police one day. but for u to say u hope they dont help me out then a damn firefighter..C'MON..u know even if ur worse enemy were under a car traped or something u wouldnt just stand there and watch him die, DIE, right in front of u. if u would then whoa..u got issues. and as for calling them pigs...hell...most can be cause of their cocky attitude, hell ur dad could prob be the coolest guy to u, i aint callin him no pig cause i dont even know the guy..for all i know he could be some cool cop, WHO KNOWS! anyway.....

....what kinda car u got rice. considering u might not like us import ppl im guesing u might have some american muscle. that would be pretty cool if ya did.