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I need help - Mitsubishi Eclipse purchase.   Posted Thu Dec 5, 02   10:32 AM     

I am looking to get another Mitsubishi Eclipse, for my wife, whom wants one as well. Will be amusing to see two eclipses in the driveway.

Anyhow, I know a guy here who has access to copart, a private car dealer auction. They have some 2000 Eclipses there, which have body damage, where they've been banged up. Things like bumper, rear quarters, hood stuff. Otherwise they are in new condition.

The coworker has a body guy who gives him amazing work for cheap prices - but the work is supposedly not cheap. He says he can take one of these banged up 2000's and get it brand new and sold to me for about $7500 bucks. Considering that 2000 Eclipses sell for about 9000-10,000 used, or more if they are GTs (like mine), would you say I should go for it?

He did this as a living before he came to work at the Harley shop I work at, as a salesman. He's done it for a long time. The car auction is in two weeks, in Dallas.