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Giving Away Free Video Websites Like Mini Youtubes   Posted Fri Mar 28, 08   7:06 PM     

If your interested then let me know these are basically your own websites you can upload images & pictures, they can be yours or you can crawl the net and the smart system will pull them from youtube, and other sites and add them to your site. You can make and promote your own ads, and promote your own google adsense ads.

We do we do this? well we will have some ads on there as well, so basically we share the ad space in hopes that you promote your site so we get traffic to our advertisers.

We host it and manage the servers, disk space, and bandwidth so it costs you nothing at all.

No limit to the amount of sites you can get, we just ask you to register with us and let us know color choices, and send us your header and footer html or images..
That's it.....

email to get started.

Here is an example site .........

This is no BS folks so hurry before we either run out of space... or decide to start charging for this service...


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Re: Giving Away Free Video Websites Like Mini Youtubes   Posted Mon Mar 31, 08   3:15 PM     

selling is for heroin..........

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