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POLL: New site?   Posted Wed Nov 14, 07   5:27 PM     

Okay, so I'm still around for those of you that have asked. I've just been working on other projects. CVSR doesn't cost me anything to run, so it's stayed around.

So anyway, I've been throwing around the idea of a new site. Something for the wider audience we get here now, especially since most of our visitors don't even know where the Coachella Valley is. I also just want to see if the scene is still alive... I think it is. Plus this place is looking pretty sad lately, with few new posts and all those ancient videos and pics. The site still gets a lot of visitors, but they aren't staying very long according to traffic stats. The new site would have a lot more to offer:

  • A much bigger forum with more areas of discussion, vBulletin powered.
  • Video section where you can upload your own videos with a rating system and comments.
  • Rides section where you can upload pics of your ride(s) and list mods, etc., with ratings and comments.
  • Clubs. Create a special area for your car club/crew/whatever, complete with its own forum.
  • The ability to search for users, clubs, etc. in your area.

Most of it is already done, and it's lightyears ahead of CVSR, but I want an opinion first to see if people would actually use it, otherwise I'll just take what's finished and use it for something else.

I'm also looking for any ideas about what other features I should put in (keep it realistic).


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Re: POLL: New site?   Posted Fri Nov 16, 07   5:43 PM     

u prolly know me by now. I may be able to advertise for you if you decide to create a new forum. PM me or something if your interested.

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Re: POLL: New site?   Posted Thu Nov 29, 07   10:14 PM     

Maybe create a cvsr myspace page to advertise to the locals. Good to see your working on some thing.

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Re: POLL: New site?   Posted Sat Dec 1, 07   11:34 AM     

There are a lot of people, including myself that come up there but have no way of making sure, or setting somthing up so we don't waste the gas.

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