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PINKS Tucson   Posted Sat Nov 10, 07   7:10 PM     

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We are heading to Tucson on Nov 16-17 for the PINKS All Out TV taping of the # 1 show for Speed Channel.

We went to the show in Las Vegas as a group. We were invited to attend the Las Vegas taping of the show. We were interview on that show regarding the need to get Brotherhood Raceway reopen again which will help in curbing the street racing problem in the So Cal area. In case you do not know about us, The Brotherhood of Street Racers was created by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 60's to curb the on going street racing problem. By using street racers to accomplish this, it was a very effective program that the LAPD had put together. Part of the solution included Brotherhood Raceway located on Terminal Island on the Los Angeles Harbor side. Today the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department is in charge of getting the race track reopened, and the LAPD is involved in those efforts.

We have been invited back to the show taping in Tucson. Donnie and Kevin have committed to going.

Everyone else is dealing with obstacles to get ironed out to go. Mustang Manny spent $2500 to fix his car's rear end due to a mishap that happened recently, and it might not get done in time. Gypsy Michael has a PSCA race to attend on the same weekend and needs the points from that race. Gypsy Sammy is taking a motor out of his street car and putting it into his NHRA track legal Chevelle and may not get done in time. PINKS producers loved the way the show in Las Vegas turned out and have told us they want to do more interviews with us at Tucson, but no guarantees of any kind that they will make the show based on how the show turns out. We had the same offer in Las Vegas, and a dozen or so members went and many got interviewed and it looks like some made it to the final cut of the show.

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We are in talks with Scat Enterprises, who have helped us a lot in the past with the dragster. We are in talks with Edelbrock who have helped us out with a nitrous unit also on the dragster. We are currently developing a relationship with Universal Studios Hollywood. We are also in talks with Classic Industries to start a working relationship. 4 Wheel Specialties Unlimited also said they would love to help if they can. We would love to share these relationships with Producers of PINKS, Pullen TV and Speed Channel, in hopes that working relationships between all parties involved may result.

We are in need of expense sponsorship. We are looking for low dollar sponsorship with a min of $200 to cover one car or $1000 to cover all cars and crew or any amount in between. The Vega and the Camaro have truck and trailer to get towed out to Tucson, but the Nova, Grand National, Silvia and Cobra currently have no way to get out there. We are currently looking at using a 2 car trailer to haul the Nova and the Grand National. We have raised $1000 dollars so far, which will cover fuel for two cars and tow vehicles and are currently looking to raise a total of $2000 to $3000 to effectively bring all the cars out to Tucson and secure hotels accommodations for all involved.

To our disappointment, Team Sheriff could not make it to this PINKS (police work, opening the track duties and being home for his family during the holiday comes first) but will try to make the next closest show.

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What was written regarding the Las Vegas PINKS Show-


ALL OUT: Tucson
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2007
Title: ALL OUT: Tucson
Description: PINKS All Out

Race ALL OUT or go home! Bring your family and friends for a day of incredible racing. Your best car to play in this game! You will be competing for $10,000 CASH. No sandbaggers allowed! Heads-Up, Run-What-Ya-Brung drag racing... PINKS ALL OUT - Will You Be The Last Racer Standing? Find out at the Southwestern International Dragway

Location: Tucson, Arizona


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The Vegas show is done and will air Thanksgiving in Prime and your buddies get a big spot....


Stephen E. Pullin
Pullin Television, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

What we are taking to Tucson

Kripple Kevin's Camaro and his Grand National plus Donnie's Vega and Nova.

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Previously on Pinks

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Who we are-

Street Fury Brotherhood of Street Racers
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BSR Music Video
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Who's coming-

Kripple Kevin-Outlaw with 2 cars=Camaro and Grand National:
Kripple Kevin VS Gypsy Mike
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King Donnie with his Vega and maybe his Nova-
King Donnie Vega Story
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X with his Turbo Import-
X VS Turbo Todd with music
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[External Image Removed]
x's silvia vs derek's VR-4
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Who's still thinking of coming-

Gypsy Sam with his Chevelle-
Armenians VS Gypsys
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[External Image Removed][External Image Removed]
Gypsy Mike with his Camaro or Nova-
Gipsy Mike vs. Krippled Kevin
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Mustang Manny with his Mustang-
Mustang Manny VS JJ with music added
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Mustang Manny VS Bug Bryan
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Bug Bryan vs Mannys Mustang
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Manny Wheelie
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Joseph with his Cobra
Cobra vs. Chevy Luv Truck
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Others thinking about coming with or without a car-

Chevelle VS Cobra
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Behind the starting line view-
Vega VS Turbo Todd
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In front of the starting line view-
Vega Vs. Turbo Todd
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JJ VS Wiggy with music added
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Where we are currently racing-

Xmas day in Compton
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Christmas in Compton 2 Bikes (burnout FTL)
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Where we would like to race-

Brotherhood Raceway
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What we currently race
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Thousands flock to HRP for taping of TV show

By Michael Pineda
Baytown Sun

Published March 18, 2007

As smoke came billowing from a jet-powered police car covering anything or anyone nearby in a cloudy haze, the roar of the crowd made it clear that PINKS was everything that was expected.

Reveling in all that is good and holy in horsepower, fans of all shapes and sizes descended on Houston Raceway Park to watch a live taping of Pinks: All Out Saturday evening. While many fans came out due to their familiarity with the popular show, others just came out for the cars, as local racers competed for “The green on St. Patrick’s Day.”

“We love PINKS,” Candice Haufe of Dayton said. “I think it is better in person. We come out here all the time but when I heard the show was coming here I was really excited. The police car was the biggest surprise. I loved the fire and the smoke and how fast it was.”

The main feature of the event was the 16 racers that survived the time trials and competed for a $10,000 grand prize and a $7,000 fully-loaded tool chest. The eight racers that survived the first round of eliminations did not leave empty-handed as they were each awarded $1,000.

“I’ve always been a big V-8 guy,” Kurt Bennett of Kemah said as his young son Colby looked on. “You can’t beat this for the power, the sheer feel of it. I don’t get the Speed channel on cable so I watch it at work on UTube. We got here a little late but it looks good for far.”

For fans of the show Saturday night gave them an opportunity to see how the show is put together. The crew of the show PINK was conspicuous by their black shirts working to capture all angles of the racing action.

“I watch it every Wednesday,” Chris Schmidt of Houston said. “PINK is interesting. At first I didn’t know if it was real or not. It’s interesting, I was just curious to know what went on.

“I come to all the events here and some in Dallas and there is a lot more people here than I thought there would be.”

A big attraction for fans was the low cost of tickets as $10 was all it took to get in the gate. And there were the other attractions such as the Sudden Impact Monster Truck Run, stunt bikes and other special exhibitions. And of course there was the obligatory t-shirt tosses that brought a great reaction from the crowd. And there was the racing itself.

“I have always gone to NHRA races,” Ron Larsen said. “I am on a boat doing saturation diving in the Gulf of Mexico and we got off the boat tonight and just got here. I was amazed at the price to get in. I am from Seattle and this would cost about $30.

“I like fast cars, I like horsepower. A lot of people don’t realize the work that goes into this.”

While exact attendance figures were unavailable at press time, according to HRP General Manager Gerald Critchfield the numbers fulfilled expectations for the raceway as they get ready to host the NHRA Spring Nationals in two weeks.

“We are looking at estimating approximately 20,000 people are here tonight,” Critchfield said. “We are still waiting on hard numbers from the drop boxes and gates so we don’t have an exact figure but talking with the police and people at the gate we feel think that we have around 20,000 tonight.”


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Brotherhood of Street Racers