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Re: Newest Concept Camaro?   Posted Wed Jan 4, 06   8:30 PM     

Oh you know what, I thinkt he wil come out with the camaro again...chekc it out the closed down the firbird/camaro/trans am factories to amke Suv's and trucks, but now that gas prices are higher, its goign to make more since in discontinuing some Suv/trucks and hopefully the cobalt and startmaking more gas afforable cars. Me and my dad came up with this conclusion as just an educated guess. on what could poissbly happen.

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Re: Newest Concept Camaro?   Posted Thu Jan 5, 06   1:50 PM     

Either that or Chevy is gonna go under, I bet without the Corvette Chev would have already been gone. The Cobalt was aimed at the tuner market, it never succeeded without aftermarket support, and people prefer imports with 4s then domestic 4s, with the only real exception is hte SRT-4. But that is pretty damn unreliable and unsafe, i mean, its a Dodge. The SSR never really sold, because it couldnt do anything, its truck bed was too small, it was ugly, its engine and weight didnt make it that fast of a vehicle, and hte gas mileage made no one want it.

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Re: Newest Concept Camaro?   Posted Mon Jan 9, 06   5:06 PM     

cobalt SS aka turbo saturn IONs were still slow

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Re: Newest Concept Camaro?   Posted Mon Jan 9, 06   5:42 PM     

Actually it's supercharged, not turbo.

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