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Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Thu Dec 22, 05   4:46 PM     

Are they worth the money?


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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Thu Dec 22, 05   6:19 PM     

That all depends. If you are trying to be anal about front weight distribution then they are worth it, but other then that they dont do anything.

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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Thu Dec 22, 05   6:23 PM     

I have another question. What is the purpose of hood scoops?

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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Thu Dec 22, 05   6:27 PM     

if it is functional it can feed air into a intake, or cool off the turbo or, cool down the motor

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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Thu Dec 22, 05   6:29 PM     

Wow it really does help not to be a jackass to you guys. I read some of the other stuff and I couldn't help but laugh at some of the stuff yall would say.

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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Fri Dec 23, 05   9:09 PM     

Yeah, we get along with the people who aren't idiots and assholes. On a side note, backward facing vents on a hood provide extra cooling to the engine compartment, and possibly (I hope to someday make this happen) provide a bit of downforce for that FWD at speeds (I'm checking out different possibilities to see how managable this is, as I imagine there could be a market for that kind of thing).

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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Fri Dec 30, 05   7:50 PM     

I know I'm actually learning shit from being nice.. awesome!

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Re: Carbon fiber hoods   Posted Sat Dec 31, 05   7:16 PM     

lmfao, Carbon Fiber is cool for looks and may be lighter, but i'd stick with a regualr hood that is made for your car, Im gonna get the camaro SS hood w/ scoop for my Z28, and im goign to change out the air induction to make it work like the camaro SS does, way cheaper to do, and less you have to pay for the So called"upgraded camaro" yea hoods, good for cooling and induction kits.

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