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hey!   Posted Wed Mar 24, 04   6:31 AM     

hey hey! new to the forums and just wanting to say hi! wonderin if ne1 likes Mazda Rx-7's! holla back at me!!

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Re: hey!   Posted Wed Mar 24, 04   7:00 AM     

hey! i'm into 624 Hemi's . what's ur a/s/l? we can chat bout dis.

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Re: hey!   Posted Wed Mar 24, 04   3:56 PM     

these forums are so dead... oh and streetglow.... i dont give a fuck about what you like and dont like, no need to PM me about your preferences on what sexuality u think people are in what state, and what makes of cars u hate...

this forum is nothing but little kids now

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Re: hey!   Posted Thu Mar 25, 04   12:57 AM     

Metal396-dude, chill out, what pissed you off so much?

Oh, streetglow-change your username, it will alienate less people, streetglow is synonomous with ricers, which generally indicates a low IQ (like GWB low). I'm into RX-7s, but this isn't the place for them, try .

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Re: hey!   Posted Sat Apr 3, 04   5:27 AM     

Wow, still so much hostility around here. I havent been here in a while, lotsa stuff goin on in my life and just not really had all that much time on the net, but yeah im still alive =) Oh yeah and hi to the n00b

- Jon

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Re: hey!   Posted Tue Apr 6, 04   11:00 PM     

Any place based on cars is for the Rx-7 or any car for that matter.

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