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i here   Posted Thu Apr 18, 02   7:49 PM     

im here, if neone cares, i started alot of shit on the other board hehe. sorry bout that

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Re: i here   Posted Thu Apr 18, 02   7:58 PM     

hey man welcome on and don't worry about it eventually everyone here will probably start sometihng with some one

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Re: i here   Posted Sun Apr 21, 02   3:25 PM     

Yeah, half of the stuff that is said on these boards is sh*t talkin anyways.

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Re: i here   Posted Tue Apr 23, 02   11:37 PM     

heres another one of my waste of space RE

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Re: i here   Posted Thu Apr 25, 02   6:14 PM     

Aduck8, EVERYTHING you say is a waste of space dude. That's what we've been trying to tell you all along!

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