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im back   Posted Thu Nov 1, 07   12:46 PM     

whats up everyone. now i know ya'll git this all the fuckin time but im no noob ive been on this site since '04 i think my old account is toxiccarbon. but i was wonderin if anyone knows a good first car, im not buyin anything less that an 8 cyl. because if i get anything smaller i know im gunna wish i sprung for the 8 and i was kinda thinkin bout a truck so i can take whatever terrain i want. lookin for sumthin under $3500.00 if u got anyideas on good starter cars for a gearhead let me know please

hey whats up every one, this is toxiccarbon i just forgot my pw so i made this account ive been here since like 2004 i think

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Re: im back   Posted Thu Nov 1, 07   3:45 PM     

What kind of gear head asks for opinions on what kind of car to get. You're still a kid.

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Re: im back   Posted Sun Nov 4, 07   1:48 PM     

Well, theres the Ever-Popular HONDA Civic. Dime a dozen.

Mustangs, but I dont have one, and the one you wrap around a tree could be better driven.

Truck - take out a loan for gas. Have fun with that. Get a little Ford Ranger 4 cylinder. You'll be able to hang with the honda that your friend has, and it will tow/haul the spare parts for a real car that you COULD build.

BTW, nice sig. Very cool.

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Re: im back   Posted Sun Nov 4, 07   8:52 PM     

yeah, save lives drive a honda. you will not get up enough speed to hurt anyone
stang.. get a svo you can run it factory then adjust the bov and you got one sick stang .
truck lil costy but nice to have

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