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Clutch   Posted Mon Jan 3, 05   8:45 PM     

I have a 1982 Jeep J10 Truck. 4.2L 258 Inline 6.
I am about to have the clutch replaced in it. I need to know the difference in a raised diaphragm clutch and a lever style clutch. Will the truck only take one type? Will it hurt to put one or the other in it? Or does the clutch style even make a bit of difference.?

Help is appreciated. . .

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Re: Clutch   Posted Fri Jan 7, 05   12:08 AM     

sorry bro. i dont know nothin bout the jeeps and there clutches ect.

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Re: Clutch   Posted Fri Jan 7, 05   2:14 PM     

I have never heard the term “raised diaphragm clutch” the diaphragm in the clutch is what provides the clamping force. Now there are 2 basic types of clutches, 1 is a lever style like you asked about, and this is referring to how the clutch is disengaged. Basically the clutch peddle is attached to a lever via a cable when you push the peddle in, it pulls the lever and disengages the clutch. The other type uses hydraulic power to disengage the clutch; it has a master cylinder, and works much like how the brake system works. Now it is possible that the raised diaphragm is referring to the hydraulic style, but again I’ve never heard that phrase so don’t quote me on that. As far as which one to use, well I also don’t know that much about jeeps so I really cant help, sorry.

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Re: Clutch   Posted Sat Jan 8, 05   10:52 PM     

I recently spoke with my mechanic. The terms raised diaphragm and lever style apparently refer to the pressure plate. Hes just going to drop the tranny and see whats in it and ill go buy another one... thanks anyways.

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Re: Clutch   Posted Mon Jan 10, 05   9:06 AM     

The diaphram style clutch is better then the "three finger" or lever style clutch for performance. The lever style clutches usually require less pedal pressure to disengauge and have less holding pressure on the clutch disk. Most people recommend that you go with the diaphram style clutch setup.

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Re: Clutch   Posted Thu Mar 10, 05   1:42 AM     

I have a diaphragm and love the '3 finger' o yeah, good times.................

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