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jok3r, help a friend out.   Posted Thu Apr 25, 02   4:37 PM     

Yo Jok3r, my friend just bought a 98GT, a virgin to my surprise. I de-virginized it by removing the air silencer just today. Even with that gone, the car feels like its running on crack, very weak. My friend wants to put in a bad ass exhaust in it, but he's in the dilema of buying Flow's or Borla. Go figure? Anyways, I remember that you said you had converted Flow, and Borla exhaust owners to yours, Spintech I think, and Dr. Gas. If its not too much to ask what price did you pay for those, and what are the exact components of your entire exhaust system?



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Re: jok3r, help a friend out.   Posted Thu Apr 25, 02   6:43 PM     

I don't know what happened to my reply, but it disappeared. Anyway, my X-pipe was about 390. They are much less if you don't get cats. 260 bucks worth of that is cats.

The catback was about 600, but I had to have a couple custom bends because of my sub-frame connectors. They usually aren't that much. The performace is really good. They have a write-up on them in the June 2002 issue of 5.0 Magazine.

Here are my suggestions for his car:
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
Steeda Timing Adjuster
Steeda Pullies
3.73 gears if he supercharges, 4.10s if not.
Suspension-springs, shocks, struts, C&C plates.

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Re: jok3r, help a friend out.   Posted Fri Apr 26, 02   2:47 AM     

Don't forget to tell him to switch to the 99+ PI heads or a blower won't do JACK.

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Re: jok3r, help a friend out.   Posted Fri Apr 26, 02   4:02 AM     

now we know why your exhaust is so good....almost a grand for and exhaust? thats pretty pricy...the nova got full exhaust with an h pipe for 260...and it has cut outs....hehe!


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Re: jok3r, help a friend out.   Posted Fri Apr 26, 02   5:07 AM     

It was only expensive because of the custom bends for my sub-frames and the cats. You can get it cheaper.

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Re: jok3r, help a friend out.   Posted Fri Apr 26, 02   10:18 PM     

If you want the performance of mandrel bent pipe, you will jack up the price of your exhaust as many shops don't have the equipment for that and the ones that do have to charge more to help pay off the machinery. $$$$ Big money. If you are replacing the stock exhaust and using larger diameter pipe but still routing it on the stock hangers, then your price won't be too bad. My 2.5", mandrel bent, all aluminum with stainless tip from header to tip on my '93 Yota cost me $160. CAD taxes included. I get a deal pretty much everywhere but it still won't cost much more. If i had wanted my exhaust routed differently then that would have added at least a $100 to the bill. Labour costs money and the more time needed, the more cash you have to part with.

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