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87' El Cabellaro   Posted Sun Apr 21, 02   8:34 PM     

I have a 1987 El Cabellaro that I would like to do some minor mods to. I want something I could drive everday, but still be fast. I don't have much cash to spend but I plan on saving up. I just want something that I could smoke at least a new stock mustang, because there is about 5 brand new mustangs in my school lot and all the kids that drive them think they are badasses.

My biggest complaint about my car is throttle response and overall acceleration. Also my car sounds like a vacuum cleaner once it gets going. It's bone stock and in excellent condition.

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Re: 87' El Cabellaro   Posted Sun Apr 21, 02   9:52 PM     

what engine is in it and what is an el cabellaro

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Re: 87' El Cabellaro   Posted Sun Apr 21, 02   10:06 PM     

It's the GMC version of the El Camino, they are pretty rare, only about 1100 made in that year. It's a 305 throttle body.


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Re: 87' El Cabellaro   Posted Mon Apr 22, 02   4:36 PM     

stick with the basics, look into an intake for it and an exh. system for it. those will be the easiest things to do as a bolt on with out sacraficeing driveability, you may also want to change the rear gear ratio a bit but don't go to steep or your gas milage will suck and your RPMs will be way high.

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