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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Sat Jul 13, 02   11:14 PM     


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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Sun Jul 14, 02   1:45 AM     

well i can think of 2 people theres u and theres sweet neon and to every body else who reads this im sorry to blatantly attack these guys but the intro includes the phrase roughly coacha {sorry i probably misspelled it it's 3 a.m here} and other desert city's so kiss my ass neons are the most pathetic thing ive ever had try to beat me not counting some idiot's pinto no wait the pinto put up a better fight

do you think we could play another game maybe you could win this time

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Sun Jul 14, 02   2:32 AM     

lol hahhaha where do you get off saying my ride is pathetic? at least my car is some what fast, for gods sake you drive a 87 thunderbird hahaha stop making me laugh

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Mon Jul 15, 02   8:11 AM     

Ummm, I think almost everyone who has posted here has ran from the cops.... Not all of us have gotten caught for it, but some of us have

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Mon Jul 15, 02   8:32 AM     

when i was in my lower teens, me and some friends used to run from the cops as a sport.

we'd hang out on the streets late at night and as soon as a police car would come past we'd just run, and theyd chase us. never caught us tho, and we never actually did anything illegal (well, not THAT illegal anyway).

massive adrennalin rush tho.

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Mon Jul 15, 02   10:17 AM     

i've heard of many people doing the classic cop sar drives by so jet the other way for no reason always gets you chased and if u get caught do not say i wanted to see if you would chase me that NEVER goes over well, be prepared with a very good excuse like i was chasing the kid who stole my hat and i saw him that way. or even simpler dont get caught

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Wed Jul 17, 02   6:59 AM     

i saw one on sat goin to the races from the front and back they look like a stock camaro on the side it had the badges and the light bar is non visible because they use LED lightbars on them so they are clear and like 2'' tall the cars are all white too with tinted windows

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Wed Jul 31, 02   10:40 PM     

up here in new york where people race the cops arent allowed to go over 100 miles per hour because it is a "hazard" I bet more people are hurt from street racers running from cops rather than just having fun on a friday night or so...

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   7:51 AM     

We don't have that law here with cars, but they wont chase most motorcycles... We've had a lot of people die in crotch rocket chases here in the valley.

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   9:10 AM     

hmmmm, i wonder if we have that law in wisconsin. I just bought a bike! LOL! J/K!

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   9:58 AM     

hehe, i just want to note that i have never run from the cops. once they've turned their lights on at least. i've gone from fast to faster after i passed one going the other direction though...

the truth of the matter is, you can't outrun motorola. i could outrun those police interceptor highway patrol lead sled's any day in my el camino, but they'd be waiting at the next exit with the spike strip.


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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   4:14 PM     

i just seen one of the new camaros and it tops out at 169. has 310 hp to the wheeles and wouldn't be able to catch my GSXR unless i let him. they're over rated, and under 120 hp will out run his 310 anyday of the week.

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   9:37 PM     

GODAMNIT! this sucks, i almost got arrested today for wrecklessy riding my bike weaving in and out of 4 lane traffic wth no helmet...THERE WAS NO OTEHR WAY TO CROSS THE ROAD! cops are gay...yo can get 100 dollar tickets for not wearing your helmet on a bike up here in newyork

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   9:42 PM     

When my car was not registered I had a permit to drive it around, I was just minding my own business in the middle of suburbia heading into KFC for the Girl Friends and on come the lights and pulled me over, looked at the permit and then took my license away for about 25 mins....They had their radio up too loud and in the first minute I heared the dispatch say everything was ok...but they still made me wait for 24 mins.

Very well they say in a pissed of tone of voice have a good night...I started to head into the city and again I get pulled over by some other cops.

Do they have nothing better to do? go and fight some crime damnit. Sorry for blabbing.

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Re: CHP Camaros!   Posted Thu Aug 1, 02   10:35 PM     

I have a confession to make. I've thus far been a proponent of not running from the poh-lice, but given what Jason said about not booking it once the lights come on, I've got to admit I've done some of that. I figure until they're actually behind you and lit up, it's less running from the police, and more helping an officer of the law realize that he needs to work on his U-turning skills.:)
And amen to not out-running Mr. Motorola.:) A buddy of mine wears this T-shirt with a picture of a U.S. Marine sniper on it, crouched behind his rifle. Underneath there's a caption that reads "If you run, you'll only die tired." I've always felt running from the police was the same kind of situation. Given what you'll get hit with if you pull over, versus what you're risking by running...and it almost seems like a no- brainer.

P.S. Fast69....pretty sure you're an ass of the highest caliber. Next time they pass out the medication, don't hide it under your tongue..swallow that bastard, son!

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