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ALTIMATE DODGE NEON!!!!   Posted Thu Jun 22, 06   4:40 AM     

Altimate Dodge Neon right here...


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Re: ALTIMATE DODGE NEON!!!!   Posted Thu Jun 29, 06   1:39 PM     

come on people its a cool dodge neon!!!

Vin Deisel "I live my life a quarter mile at a time..."
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Re: ALTIMATE DODGE NEON!!!!   Posted Thu Nov 9, 06   10:04 PM     

dont be mean but this is my first car

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Re: ALTIMATE DODGE NEON!!!!   Posted Fri Nov 10, 06   12:15 PM     

1 no vin 2 WHY THE HELL ARE U BRINGING UP A MONTHES OLD FORUM TO SAY "dont be mean this is my first car." god damn

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Re: ALTIMATE DODGE NEON!!!!   Posted Sun Nov 12, 06   7:17 AM     

and by the way its spelled ultimate not altimate

if u read this than FUCK YOU

and ur mom fingers herself everythime she sees me