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fast and furious car   Posted Thu May 18, 06   9:32 AM     

hey this looks like the fast and the furious car vin number DIJEGJMDAEDEBAAAI


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Re: fast and furious car   Posted Thu May 18, 06   10:46 AM     


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Re: fast and furious car   Posted Wed May 31, 06   7:32 PM     

Hey sweet neon u know what i wast just chekcin this site out cuz street racing's my life, and i want to hang out wiht these guys and talk about street racing but ur fat fucking 11 year old ass needs to get the fuck out of here or your gonna jumped by a blind monkey
Whos mexican
What i really meant to say was STFU!


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Re: fast and furious car   Posted Thu Jun 1, 06   9:22 PM     

Wow street racing is your life, you must have mad street racing skills, do you street race all day and all night? your middle name must be street racer huh? I bet you even have a street racing motor in ur car huh? I wish my life could be full of street racing so i can be as cool as you. Since your the street racer of the year can you teach me how to street race or maybe eat and talk on the cell phone wile street racing, I want those tight street racer skills you have. How fast can you street race? Can I street race in my 1941 Chevy coupe you stupid fucking little kid fuck off jack off your lame.