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one less speeding ticket, AWESOME   Posted Thu Jun 28, 07   5:39 PM     

The other day I got stopped after a street race,OK,, This may not work all the time, but I live in Los Angeles, California and bought a license plate frame off e-bay that reads "Los Angeles KMA-628". the first thing the cop that pulled me over asked was if I was a police officer, "I told him no but my brother was, and told him that he gave me the license plate frame".. he simply said slow down and handed me back my license. the license plate frame is designated to represent the FCC license number issued to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. this is the largest Sheriff Department in the US, with over 5000 sworn officers. so no matter what your name is. if you get pulled over even another Sheriff Deputy wouldn’t know if you had a brother or father on their department. a little "professional courtesy" totally got me out of a ticket. It turns out that most officers do not want to take the chance of citing a fellow officers family member. every little bit helps. not a bad investment. not sure how long the frames will be listed on e-bay, but take a look, just search "KMA 628" you will find them.. good luck.


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Re: one less speeding ticket, AWESOME   Posted Thu Jul 5, 07   10:57 AM     

Can any one on this forum run plate #'s?

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Re: one less speeding ticket, AWESOME   Posted Mon Jul 16, 07   2:26 PM     

you are clearly a dipshit and you are very retarded. nowhere did he state his license planet number faggot. he said his LICENSE PLATE FRAME motherfucker. you need to go back the the 2nd grade and learn how to read faggot.

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Re: one less speeding ticket, AWESOME   Posted Sat Jul 21, 07   11:58 PM     

Christ almighty.. Someone has been made fun of all their life and it taking their anger out elsewhere. It's pretty depressing really.