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WANTED!! a good starter car (not civic)   Posted Sun Jul 23, 06   2:32 AM     

my price range is 20 grand, i dont have the money now (only 14) but when i turn 16 and get a job it will take me a couple years to raise the money, i dont need anybody to exactly sell it to me i just need some ideas...keep in mind that i like import (im not a ricer so dont call me one)

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Re: WANTED!! a good starter car (not civic)   Posted Sat Jul 29, 06   9:11 AM     

Look for a 2nd Gen MR2 (1991-1995 in the US), should be able to find one in decent shape for 3-4 grand, then another 10 grand max into it to make it a high 12 to low 13 car. or find a 1st gen for about 1500 and do the same engine stuff for a 200 lb lighter version. I'll let other people chime in with different suggestions.

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