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V-Band Custom 4' tube O-Ring Clamp   Posted Sat Jul 9, 05   12:45 PM     

Our custom 4' tube O-Ring Clamp is made of 6061 T6 aluminum for intake tubes on superchargers, turbochargers, draw thru and blow thru.

We decided to develop and manufacturer our own custom clamp to achieve our need for a clamp that is stronger with a consistent tight tolerance and an O-Ring to prevent leakage.

Knight Racing has added an extra wide lip to spread the load farther back on the tube for increased strength, also our V-Band clamp is second to none. You receive electro polish finish V-Band clamp with a nylon nut , and our precision O-Ring seal for extra sealing under pressure, O-ring is included.

All Clamps are CNC machined for consist tolerance and fit.

Dealers are welcome

Part Number KR100-1
$59.99 each + Shipping

Additional Products
1. Replacement O-Ring $3.00 ea. (#KR100-2)
2. V-Clamp only $15.95 (#KR100-3)

All prices are plus shipping.


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Re: V-Band Custom 4' tube O-Ring Clamp   Posted Mon Jul 11, 05   3:41 PM     

Don't mean to sound too picky, but isn't four feet a bit big for an O-Ring Clamp? If you are going to sell products for a company you might want to watch Spinal Tap first to learn the lesson about inches vs. feet (you'll never forget after that scene in the movie).

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Re: V-Band Custom 4' tube O-Ring Clamp   Posted Mon Jul 11, 05   9:19 PM     

you are correct
It was suppose to have been corrected. I don't think you are being picky at least you being polite about it