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70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Fri Jan 10, 03   10:52 AM     

70' Nova, Has already been started on for Restoration.
But, had run into another Prodject that I would like to do. Whole Front Clip is off,Needs 2 Fenders and alittle more Body work. But, is a great Car. Do have a 4 Bolt main 350 and TH-350 that had come out of it. Everything is pretty much Stock on the interior. Just that I have found a Ride, I would like to do 1st. and I am running out of room for the Nova. I'm in Det.,Mich. Email me, if You are Interested in it.

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Re: 70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Fri Jan 10, 03   11:24 AM     

Anyone Looking forward to more about this Ride.
Email me at

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Re: 70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Thu Jan 16, 03   11:43 AM     

chuck, now it seems you have three user names on this forum. keep talkin to yourself chef.


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Re: 70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Fri Jan 17, 03   1:31 AM     

How fuckin lonely is this guy? Tell ya what me at ...
I'll set ya up with a porn name and password. If I do that, you should have a little something to do with your time *And I'm sure it's a VERY little something*

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Re: 70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Fri Jan 17, 03   10:24 AM     

lol, ouch...



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Re: 70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Fri Jan 17, 03   2:21 PM     

Hey man! dont diss him. AS a matter of fact hes pretty big. yeah, ive seen! it hangs down to his chin...
lol im only joking i dont generally insult ppl i dont know..

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Re: 70' Chevy Nova 4 Sale   Posted Fri Jan 17, 03   2:56 PM     


what if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?