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El Camino   Posted Wed Dec 25, 02   9:50 AM     

1973 El Camino, 700$

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Re: El Camino   Posted Thu Dec 26, 02   8:07 AM     

rolling chassis, engine size? anymore details you wanna spill about this?

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Re: El Camino   Posted Fri Dec 27, 02   1:35 AM     

gotta love internet auctioning could turn out to be a picture of the car i may put some cars on ebay soon

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Re: El Camino   Posted Tue Dec 31, 02   3:26 PM     

runs, carb leaks, has all tune up parts, 350 motor, shity condition


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Re: El Camino   Posted Fri Jan 3, 03   8:24 AM     

so you found a maniflod and carb for it.

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Re: El Camino   Posted Fri Jan 3, 03   10:35 PM     

i havent found the 4brl carb yet


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Re: El Camino   Posted Sat Jan 4, 03   4:05 PM     

i put a good 2 brl on it today and dam suppriseing how good that thing runs and ive only put plugs and a carb on it, tomarrow im gona put the electronic distrib and plug wires, filter and ect on it and im sure it will make it up to san diego i hope

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Re: El Camino   Posted Tue Jan 7, 03   2:15 PM     

right on chad...sounds like you're making progress with it. it's amazing how well old tired 350's will run with a good tune best friend's sister's camaro was a dog when they bought it. 200 bucks later in tune up parts and the fucker will burn 285/65's over a block and a half...and yes it's an open diff...

good luck with your trip,


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