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Wed Oct 17, 07   2:23 PM
What should we be doing about street racers?  

Here is an article from the L.A Times

Street racing-Los Angeles Times
California | Local News

Street racing
How do you feel about the street racing accident that killed a mother and her two children? What should we be doing about street racers?


1. I have been drag racing since I was 16 and the reason people street race is there is no drag strips in LA lacr just closed people will always race..look at tv and the media.I think they should have more drag strips and race tracks so people could do this legally.When I got my car I took it to the dragstrip.It was safe and legal.But these kids are losing their outlets to race.So of course they will street race.

Submitted by: Vincent Lopez
8:46 AM PDT, October 17, 2007

2. Stop closing the drag strips. In the 50's and 60's the kids had a place to safely test their skills. Now that the urban sprawl is forcing the tracks to close, the kids move back to the street. If you provide a place for racing the kids will seek a safer and legal alternative. I won't risk losing my car to law enforcement, so I only race on the track.

Submitted by: Land Speed Racer
8:21 AM PDT, October 17, 2007

3. Everone on this form should read number 24 and 35 even the NEWS REPORTERS that do the reports on street racing. It is the new generation of kids that is giving street racing a bad name. On ther e reports yiou never see any Muscle Cars being reperted dipping and dodging in and out of lanes during the day. Not to justify that it is legal by far.

Submitted by: James
8:01 AM PDT, October 17, 2007

4. I think communities with racing problems should build free and unregulated race tracks/strips. Using the same logic as skate parks, if you build a better place for them to race than the streets, they will go there instead.

Submitted by: Kelly
12:01 AM PDT, October 17, 2007

5. Turn the street racers loose on a rain-slicked freeway late at night. Encourage them to drive as fast and as recklessly as possible. Fill the freeway with eighteen-wheelers driven by the bad truck drivers we see every day, and let's see what happens. It should be newsworthy, don't you think? Repeat the above procedure until the problem disappears.

Submitted by: Their Last Street Race
6:49 PM PDT, October 16, 2007

6. Ahh...street racing....a macho sport for the macho man who feels he needs to prove his machismo for the simple reason that he feels terribly sexually inadequate. Freudian? Perhaps. Pathetic? Absolutely!

Submitted by: Truthfully
6:01 PM PDT, October 16, 2007

7. Come to Sylmar, CA - street racing haven - watch Encinitas Avenue, San Fernando Road, Telfair, and a few hidden streets out there. Hello, Councilmember Alarcon, are you reading this? Do you even care? So far, you have not responded to a single one of my e-mails since you've come into office. Just collecting your pay and forgetting about the constituents you serve?

Submitted by: Sylmar
5:58 PM PDT, October 16, 2007

8. Public hangings? Drag them behind the vehicle for 10 miles? I am not sure what would solve this problem, but FAR HARSHER penalties are needed than what is currently on the books.

Submitted by: LA
5:47 PM PDT, October 16, 2007

9. Wow, these are very interesting conversations. I wonder how any of these ring with the families that were affected. Some of the lines focus on the needs of the racers, while other seem to scapegoat a single group of folks. It's quite revitalizing to see that in America, we can still have pointless conversations about cars, when in fact--there should be no questions-- the people who caused this accident should pay...no "lets build em a track", or blame the "latinos".

Submitted by: Saul
5:06 PM PDT, October 16, 2007

10. Lilly: you think that only male hispanics street race?? so to you all the male hispanics in this city run red lights while going 70mph?? what does the language have to do with anything? the speed limit is in numbers, I have seen BMW's doing 75-80 on a narrow street, who do you suppose drives those cars?? A hispanic male earning 7.50/hr? STOP and think that the issue is that a wreckless idiot killed 2 children and their mother and that street racing should be stopped no matter who is behind the wheel!!!

Submitted by: givehimlife
4:20 PM PDT, October 16, 2007


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