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Re: what car? new   Posted Sun Aug 6, 06   9:09 AM    [re: Str33tRacer] 

Because you deserve it you fucking post whore.

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

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Re: what car? new   Posted Sun Aug 6, 06   11:39 AM    [re: buddhakwake] 

101% right Buddha

Anyone can shoot a bullet, but it take skill to drive one.

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Re: what car? new   Posted Tue Aug 8, 06   10:55 PM    [re: Str33tRacer] 

MR2's good cars. They're cheap, light, and fast. I like them too. I want to get like a 94 or something. Veilside has a sweet body kit for them. expensive a hell though.

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Re: what car? new   Posted Tue Aug 8, 06   11:01 PM    [re: fast_honda1233] 

What about like a 88-89 Toyota Supra? They are pretty cheap and the 7mgte is turbocharged. I think the stock is like a 130-140 hp. it wouldnt take much money to fix it up either.

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Re: what car? new   Posted Fri Aug 18, 06   3:11 AM    [re: italian_ninja] 

the 7mgte is a very limited motor, despite the factory turbo. the preferred engines for the MKIII are the 1jzgte or the 2jzgte (being 2.5l and 3.0l twin sequentially turbocharged inline 6's, respectively). one of my best friends swapped in a 1jz with some simple mods and a homebrew intercooler (stock fuel pump/injectors) and runs low 13's on shitty tires.

oh, and on the original topic, were I to do it again, i would start off with something gutless and rwd, probably a stock 240sx, s13 preferrebly. After a year or two of practice driving/maintaining the car, I would then purchase a MkIV supra TT, possibly higher mileage but as close to stock as possible (they are VERY fast stock, and capable of stupid fast speed right from the factory). Having worked on and driven both an FD RX-7 and MkIV TT, if I could afford it, I would purchase the Supra. It is easier to work on, much more reliable, faster in a straight line for less money, albeit not as fun to drive around a turn. This is speaking from several years of regularly driving both, each starting in stock form and progressing to BPU/+ cars. Its also worthy to note, the FD is broke and in my garage, the Supra is running great and making more horsepower.

the doctors say I have ADD, but the just don't understand, hey look! a chicken!

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