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How to remove the headlight....   Posted Mon Jun 11, 12   11:02 PM     

hi friends.... i brought some tips for you..... after reading this post.. you can easily remove the headlight of your car....1) Lift up on the headlight retainer to release the headlight assembly. 2) Release the headlight ball studs from the grommets by pulling the headlight assembly from the lower center corner. 3)Remove the headlight assembly from the upper fascia support. 4) Disconnect the harness connector from the headlight assembly. 5) Remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle. 6) Remove the access cover from the rear of the headlight assembly. 7) Remove the headlight bulb socket from the headlight assembly by rotating counterclockwise . 8) Remove the headlight bulb from the socket. Reverse these steps to install and make sure when your done to adjust the headlight.

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