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im new   Posted Fri Jul 18, 08   2:28 AM     

hey im new here. i mostly drift but im getting into street racing. i love 70s porsche 911s (i restored my first at 10 years old) and im also wondering what car i should get for spritns. i dont have that much 2 spend ether. im also not shure if i should get an import or domestic....hell i dont give a shit as long as it sprints. could some one help me find the rite car.

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Re: im new new   Posted Sun Nov 16, 08   11:47 AM    [re: ILovePorsche911s] 

well...i would go with a 1999 mustang cobra cuz when the turbo in dat bitch kicks in its ova.

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Re: im new new   Posted Sat Nov 22, 08   8:11 AM    [re: MustangBossMock2] 

You_re a retard for both thinking that Cobras have turbochargers and for spelling "Mach" wrong. Idiot kids I swear.

"go wack you balls to a picture of 2 faggets you homo" << Direct quote from FastFiveO

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