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I'm new here so just sayin hello   Posted Wed Jul 2, 08   7:19 AM     

Hey wuzup people. I think this website will b cool bcuz i like cars a lot. Read my bio and you will know just a little about me, then start sendin to me and i will probly start a conversation w. u. So i'm just sayin hello.

rYAN $_$

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Re: I'm new here so just sayin hello new   Posted Mon Jul 7, 08   12:13 AM    [re: I_win_YOU_lose] 

Mr. Ryan Madden, you are a total homo. You have no car, cant drive, and probably know nothing about cars. I highly doubt that you have encountered any women as long as you have been alive, and there are none on these forums. Now be gone with you.

"go wack you balls to a picture of 2 faggets you homo" << Direct quote from FastFiveO

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Re: I'm new here so just sayin hello new   Posted Thu Jul 10, 08   11:59 AM    [re: I_win_YOU_lose] 

hey man this is scott mclean from inc motoring in palm springs ! just wanted to say hi and to come check out the shop to buy parts too we sell anything for imports , drag racing, drift, and road racing ! talk to you soon 760-808-7328

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