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subscription codes   Posted Wed May 10, 06   5:10 PM     

Could someone PLEASE send an extra 2-month subscription to xbox live to PLEASE i keep gettin scammed on ebay so PLEASE if u send it i'll pay u

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Re: subscription codes new   Posted Wed May 10, 06   5:48 PM    [re: 69charger] 

Then report those users to eBay and quit trying to scam us.

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Re: subscription codes new   Posted Wed May 10, 06   6:02 PM    [re: Rx_otary_Se7en] 

everytime i report them about a week later i see them up and selling

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Re: subscription codes new   Posted Wed May 10, 06   6:43 PM    [re: 69charger] 

fuck off

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Re: subscription codes new   Posted Sat May 13, 06   9:29 AM    [re: 69charger] 

So quit being a cheap ass dipshit and get your own fucking subscriptions through honest means, rather than Ebay.

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