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Hello..mls   Posted Wed Nov 6, 02   5:39 PM     

Hello hope you are all doing well. I am back in Michigan and will soon be back online. Hope to be back out here in another month or two. Everyone have a Great HOliday season. Looking forward to wear shorts again this weekend hoping to be in the 50's LOL. Until next time..mls



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Re: Hello..mls new   Posted Wed Nov 6, 02   7:02 PM    [re: TheRealMyles] 

no way man, I'm in michigan and I doubt it'll rise above 45 degrees.

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Re: Hello..mls new   Posted Thu Nov 7, 02   7:11 AM    [re: Phatmatt] 

its supposed to be 55 and sunny here in milwaukee today.

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Re: Hello..mls new   Posted Thu Nov 7, 02   7:48 AM    [re: BlownGTP] 



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Re: Hello..mls new   Posted Thu Nov 7, 02   9:21 AM    [re: sweetdevil] 

i stepped outside my door this morning and felt ice cracking on my way to school my hands got so numb i could'nt squeeze the brake on ym bike fast enough to stop worth a shit i love canada -5 this morning and 3 hours late it's 10

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