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Re: State Bill 708 new   Posted Sun Mar 30, 03   1:24 PM    [re: LethalToy] 

untill a gps guided bomb hits his store =) bye bye talaban

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Re: State Bill 708 new   Posted Fri Apr 18, 03   1:40 PM    [re: LethalToy] 

well it worked...florez dropped the bill on his own after some phone calls from jay leno. apparently he was afraid of being ridiculed on national tv.


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Re: State Bill 708 new   Posted Fri Apr 18, 03   3:30 PM    [re: uglystick] 

Well, lucky you. lah dee dah, im just being a post whore at the mo, trying to get it up to 200 to see what i turn into.

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Re: State Bill 708 new   Posted Tue May 27, 03   9:42 PM    [re: DieselGoPed] 

Montana doesn't even have smog on cars.. Nootch. LOL.. the only good thing about the northwest, no ridiculous california laws and no CHP 'maros hiding in traffic.. one can haul balls through 800 miles of the 90 in MT and only have 6 chances of running into CHP out here.. or MHP as the case may be.. but they only have 6 cruisers for the whole state. Hahaha... Haul ballz!

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