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me new and imrpoved version not brill!!!!!!!!!!   Posted Mon Apr 2, 07   12:32 PM     

me second car flashy and distinctive not classy but nice to drive.
gud version of a beetle but some may do betta.
try a bettle ur self see what u can cum, up with.
what evar u cuk up wiith eeven if it is a diffrent car to the bettle send me what u have got and ill put em in a competition out of which i think is the best 10

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Re: HERBIES COUSIN new   Posted Sun Aug 12, 07   1:55 AM    [re: yeahnice1bruva] 


hello :-)

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Re: HERBIES COUSIN new   Posted Fri Feb 8, 08   8:28 AM    [re: ginjaninja111] 

hey sup? i just wanted to give a shout out to you guys and thought i'd post my own car and see what you think l8r


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Re: me new and imrpoved version not brill!!!!!!!!!! new   Posted Sat Feb 16, 08   3:20 PM    [re: yeahnice1bruva] 

how do i race?


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