Tue Aug 12, 03   12:09 AM
Re: Senate Bill 2087

Oh man an old thread brought back to life, I even read an old post of mine.

Interesting story about some ass pirate of penzanz out here, who said to a mate of mine oh man I got NOS. He is like sweet can I have alook at it, and he is sure come over, so he does and when he gets there, has a look and the guy goes its a sneaky pete kit here are the "bottles" and all the braided lines ok my mate said it looked ok but when he was invited into the house he saw a soda stream machine (Not sure if you guys have em out there, but they have little canisters of carbonated gas) so my mate goes what did your mom say about you taking the soda stream bottles.....

He was like eh nothing and this rice boy went to so much effort of painting the bottles and getting NOS stickers for em. When asked where he gets it filled he didnt have the answer. lol Poof

OUt here the interstate authorities cant defect you unless they know the laws in the state that you live in

Except NSW RTA Poofs they do any one


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