Sun Jul 6, 03   1:55 AM
Re: Senate Bill 2087

Yeah, glows and neons and whatever are illegal cos the police reckon youre trying to imitate emergency vehicles. and thats in ANY colour.
so, how much did you spend on that glower kit? just think, if you hadnt wasted that..... what? $4-500 bucks? you could have spent it under the hood.
What car is it? Does the nitrous actually work? or did you just buy the bottle and the stickers?
Also. think about the word.. muffler. The whole point of a muffler is to 'muffle' the engine and exhaust, quieten it down. So what you have there is not a muffler, its a fart cannon. Which is also pointless and stupid.
Do yourself a favour. get rid of all that crap on your car... including any ott body kits/whatever you have probably got. sell it all, and use the money you get to make your car go faster

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